Notice 9/7/21

Students and families have a second opportunity to apply for the The Emergency Connectivity Fund, a federal program that would provide funding to the school to purchase Chromebooks and internet access for students who lack connected devices and/or internet access. The second application for this program is accepting applications and will close on September 22, 2021. If you already applied for a Chromebook or broadband device earlier this school year, you DO NOT need to complete this form again. 

Completion of this form does not guarantee receipt of a Chromebook or internet access. This will be determined by funds received. Families who do not respond to the form will not receive a Chromebook or internet access. Families that reside in rural areas may experience poor or spotty service. For questions, please contact kim.taylor@yorkprepsc.org.

Form to Apply: https://forms.gle/PucxcGfjsMDUdYYAA