York Prep Transitioning to Modified Yellow Phase on 1/25/21

York Preparatory Academy will be transitioning to a Modified Yellow Phase beginning Monday, January 25, 2021.

What does this mean?
The Modified Yellow Phase will allow our Hybrid A/B students to attend school on-campus 4 days a week, Monday- Thursday. Friday will continue to be an e-learning day for Hybrid students. The Modified Yellow Phase does not affect our Full Time Virtual students and these students' schedules will not change.

Building Start/End Times: (Monday-Thursday)

  • Elementary (K5-4th Grade): 8:00 am- 2:35 pm
  • Student Union (5th Grade): *new* 8:15 am- 3:05 pm
  • Middle School (6th-8th Grade): *new* 8:15 am-3:05 pm
  • High School (9th-12th Grade): 8:15 am- 1:32 pm

Patriot's Promise Before/After School Care: If your student is currently enrolled in Patriot's Promise on Hybrid days, your student will be able to attend Patriot's Promise 4 days a week. The Patriot's Promise fee will be pro-rated based on the new 4 day schedule. For questions regarding Patriot's Promise, please contact Debra Blanchett.

Busing: If your student currently rides a York Preparatory Academy bus on the Hybrid schedule, they will be able to continue that schedule 4 days a week. Please contact Hope Moore with busing questions.

Why has this decision been made?
From the beginning of the school year York Prep has had the goal to maximize individual student growth while doing our best to protect the health of students, teachers, and families. After careful monitoring of both student learning and the current local health environment we determined that options were needed for both families whose students needed more instruction as well as for those who had continuing health concerns.

What additional safety precautions will be implemented in the Modified Yellow Phase?
The high standard of cleaning and sanitizing that have been employed all year will continue and will be added upon by the purchase of 3-sided plexiglass shields that will be used in the classrooms to bring another layer of safety. At the Middle School, an ELA writing class has been added to divide the grade level into five core classes instead of four, thus decreasing the number of students in a classroom. Students are required to wear masks inside all buildings at all times. In addition, any potential Covid-19 exposure is being closely tracked and monitored by our nursing staff. Students and classes may, when needed, receive virtual education to decrease the spread from confirmed exposure.

What if I am not comfortable with my student returning 4 days a week?
If your student is enrolled in our Hybrid program, you have the option to change your student to Full Time Virtual. Please note that students that enroll in our Virtual Academy may not have the option to switch back to in-person learning in the 2020/21 school year. If you would like to register your Hybrid student for our Virtual Academy, please complete the following form. The deadline to register for our Virtual Academy is Tuesday, January 19, 2021. REGISTRATION FORM

When will my Full Time Virtual student be able to return to on-campus learning?
Students registered in our full time virtual program may not return to on-campus learning during the Modified Yellow Phase due to space limitations. In-person learning openings will be filled on a case by case basis based on space available by the building administrator. All students will be able to return to on-campus learning if York Prep moves to Green Phase 2 or at the start of the 2021/22 school year.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Please continue to reach out to your building administrators with any questions and concerns. Thank you for your continued partnership throughout this school year.