York Preparatory Academy's new revised calendar is now posted to our website at the following LINK.  Below is the calendar information from Return to School Guide: 

In an efforts to maintain some level of continuity, York Prep has decided to proceed with its originally planned calendar with only minimal changes going into this school year. Those changes are listed below.

  • State Required LEAP Days: Beginning on August 13th, the school will hold a soft-opening series of five days for orientation, preparation, and pre-assessment for all students. We will schedule with you an opportunity to come and meet your teachers, get acquainted with safety procedures and protocols, get in-person help with virtual platforms and programs that will be used throughout the year, and to take some pre-assessments that will help us understand where to begin our instruction. Specific health and safety protocols will be required and observed during these days, including minimal people in the buildings and no congregating. More details will be released the first part of August regarding these days.
  • First and Last Day of School: As a result of the required LEAP days, the official first day of school will be Thursday, August 20th. Specific days that were also scheduled to be teacher work days throughout the year (10/16, 2/12, 6/2, and 6/3) will be changed to regular school days making Friday, June 4th the official last day of school.