2021/22 Menu Link

York Preparatory Academy is excited to offer an extensive Food Service Program for grades K5-12 located in our Field House building which opened Fall 2020.

  • 2021/22 Menu: LINK

  • Serving Hot & Cold Options for Breakfast and Lunch

  • Delicious and Nutritious

  • Good Nutrition is Critical for Learning

 YPA has selected the PaySchools Central portal for parents to be able to add funds online, securely and quickly to your student’s meal account in order for them to purchase snacks and additional items.  Also through this portal, parents will be able to quickly and easily fill out free-and-reduced cost meal applications.

How Do You Get Started?  It’s Simple!

  1. Create your account using your computer or tablet at:

  2. If you want to use your phone, download the PaySchools Central app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  3. Complete account registration by selecting register, entering your profile details, setting up your password via the email link PaySchools will send you, then logging in.

  4. Add your children to your account using their student ID numbers.

  5. If you’d like, enter credit card and/or banking information as forms of payment to use with your PaySchools account, or simply plan to use guest checkout when the time comes.

Now You Can:

  • Complete the Free-and-Reduced Cost Meal Application.

  • Manage all your children’s meal accounts in one place!

  • Set up auto-replenish to automatically refill lunch accounts when they’re running low.

  • Set up reminders and alerts.

  • Review your children’s purchase.

  • Handle payments 24/7, at your convenience, on any device.

Convenience and Processing Fees to add funds to students’ meal accounts:

  • Credit Card under $50.00 per transaction:  $1.95

  • Credit Card over $50.00 per transaction:  3.9%

  • ACH check per transaction:  $1.95

Free / Reduced Lunch Program

 York Preparatory Academy offers a free/reduced lunch program with wonderful options for your student.  There are great benefits to students and families participating in this program!  Please feel free to contact Ms. Jennifer Ledford with questions.


Online Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

 Each school year, York Prep asks all families to complete an application to apply for school meal benefits.  Please keep in mind that even though the USDA is providing free breakfast and lunch meals for all students for the school year 2021-2022, the State of South Carolina pulls free and reduced meal status from our PowerSchool data base as a qualification for other State benefits.  Free and Reduced Meal Applications must be submitted after July 1st at the beginning of EVERY school year.  Free and Reduced meal status does NOT carry over from year to year.   Without a new application, your current benefits will EXPIRE on September 23, 2021.

 In PaySchools Central, QuikApps 2.0 allows you to quickly and easily fill out free-and-reduced cost meal applications online in a secure, step-by-step portal.  Once your application has been submitted through the portal, you will immediately receive your eligibility and will be able to download your determination letter.  Your application will be sent from a secure website directly to York Preparatory Academy, so you do not need to worry about filling out a paper form that could be lost or misplaced.  We recommend applying online; however, paper meal applications will be available at the Student Union front desk.

 PaySchools Central Link


School Meal Policies

 YPA has a “No Child Hungry Policy” meaning, a student who comes to school without money or a lunch from home will be served a lunch.  The student will be charged for the meal and will show a negative balance in their account.  Food Services will notify the parent/guardian and the finance department at the end of the day.  The parent/guardian will be responsible for adding money to the students account in order to cover the cost of the charged meal.  The second time a student is charged for a meal, food services will contact the principal at the end of the day and they will contact the student’s parent/guardian.

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.

YPA Wellness Policy

Nondiscrimination Policy