York prep Announces second campus opening fall 2023

York Preparatory Academy, recipient of the 2018 National Blue Ribbon Award, announced in May 2020 plans to open a second campus in Rock Hill, SC opening Fall 2023. The application for replication was approved by the South Carolina Public Charter School District on April 16, 2020. Our new campus will enroll students in grades K-5, with grades 6-8 added in subsequent years. 


York Prep's new campus will be located just 2 miles off I-77 Exit 73 within a vibrant new community called Kettlesong. With its focus of connecting families to nature and the community, Kettlesong (https://kettlesong.com) is the ideal setting for our Place-based Education school.

What is Place-Based Education?

Place-based education is a complete education and has a proven track record of higher learning outcomes by immersing students in local landscapes, heritage and culture, thereby providing hands-on opportunities and experiences as a foundation for study. In short, it helps students understand their world and contribute in real and meaningful ways.

As the first of its kind in the state, the YPA campus at Kettlesong will draw students from Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and other York County communities as well as Chester and Lancaster counties and provide the opportunity to:

  • Increase in time spent outdoors, thus improving student's mental, physical, and social well-being
  • Practice hands-on learning across the curriculum in nature and the community
  • Engage in a learning environment that will make them eager to come to school
  • Understand and practice sustainability in both nature and the community
  • Grow students environmental stewardship
  • Participate in community civic matters fostering their understanding of civic responsibility
  • Expand and satisfy curiosity, thus producing life- long learners

Leadership and Teaching Staff

York Prep is pleased to announce the hiring of our Associate Managing Director, Mr. Lanny Adamson who will serve as the Principal of our new campus. With a background of 14 years of teaching and administration, Mr. Adamson will bring experience and proven leadership to our new campus. York Prep is committed to recruiting and developing an elite team of staff and teachers. Please continue to visit our website for teacher fairs and employment opportunities.

Enrollment Information

York Preparatory Academy is a free public charter school eligible to students residing within South Carolina. York Preparatory Academy will begin accepting applications for our new campus on our website on October 15, 2022 for Fall 2023 admission. Open Enrollment for the 2023 Enrollment Lottery will continue until February 15, 2023. York Preparatory Academy will offer priority to children of staff and board members. In subsequent years, York Prep will offer priority to the siblings of enrolled students. Students will be admitted without regard to race, religion, gender, creed, national origin, disability, ancestry, need for special education or itinerant services, or socioeconomic condition.

Parent Interest Form

Interested families should complete a Parent Interest Form to receive updates about the new campus. We are excited about the future at York Prep!

Parent Interest Form: https://forms.gle/DudYNKq7CEz5f4yR6