Non-Prescription/OTC Medication

Please have all medication labeled with your child's name, grade, and homeroom teacher. You must provide the medication and a completed Permission for Non-Prescription Medication form.

1. The child’s parent/guardian must bring the medicine in an unopened sealed bottle to the Health Room and sign a Permission for Non-Prescription Medication form authorizing the nurse (or a staff member designated by the nurse) to administer the medicine.
2. All medicine must be in the original package with the full label intact.
3. Only the dose listed on the package as appropriate will be given.

* Students found to be in possession of medicine at school will be subject to the discipline code.

Please note that any medication sent in with your child or any student found to be in possession of medication will be turned in to the building principal and the managing director and will be subject to the discipline code.

Prescription Medication

PLEASE NOTE: *** Effective August 1, 2016, all new prescription medications or changes in prescription medication must be submitted to the lead nurse in the Elementary Health Office***

A parent or legal guardian must physically bring the medication to school along with a completed Permission for Prescription Medication authorized by a physician.

Self Medication

Students may be authorized to self-monitor and self-administer medication as prescribed by the student’s health care provider with written authorization from the parent/legal guardian for the student to self-administer medication as well as a written statement from the student’s health care provider verifying that the student has a medical condition and has been instructed and demonstrates competency in self-monitoring or self-medication or both and documented on a Self-medication monitoring form. This form is to be provided to the school nurse for review before the student will be permitted to self medicate/ monitor. All medications still need Permission for Prescription Medication in addition. The student must also review/agree to the terms of being allowed to carry medication at school and will be subject to disciplinary action if these terms are not met.

Receipt of the above will authorize a student to possess and administer medication while in the classroom or on school grounds, at a school-sponsored activity, in transit to and from school or school-sponsored activities, or during before or after-school activities on the school-operated property.

*The school may revoke a student’s permission to self-monitor or self-administer if the student endangers him/herself or others through misuse of the monitoring device or medication*