History & Mission of York Prep


The mission of the York Preparatory Academy is that its students possess the knowledge, skills, character, and determination necessary to excel in their chosen post-secondary pursuits and in life.

Individual student growth in each of these four areas will be a focus every year.

  • Knowledge: Students will possess a rich and diverse knowledge base that extends beyond the requirements of the state core.
  • Skills: Students will attain a set of well-rounded skills that will enable them to successfully engage in their chosen pursuits.
  • Character: Students will develop the courage and integrity needed to consistently make noble choices that will positively affect themselves and others.
  • Determination: Students will build the resolve and tenacity required to overcome obstacles and failure, the work ethic to achieve success in their pursuits, and the intrinsic motivation to continue to improve themselves throughout their lives.

About York Prep

York Preparatory Academy is a free public charter school founded in 2010. Located on our 43-acre campus in Rock Hill, South Carolina, York Prep provides education to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who live in South Carolina regardless of the assigned school district. We strongly believe in the potential of all students and believe that through a strong partnership with the community and families, we can help each child grow and succeed.

York Preparatory Academy is authorized by the South Carolina Public Charter School District and must meet state education standards. According to SC Law: "A charter school is defined as a public, nonreligious, non home based, nonprofit corporation forming a school that operates within a public school district or the SC Public Charter School District, but is accountable to the school board of trustees of that district which grants its charter.

York Preparatory Academy is committed to the recruitment and ongoing development of an excellent certified teaching staff who build and utilize effective lines of communication home. Working together we can help all students succeed

For more information on enrollment, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator or visit the enrollment tab on our homepage.

See our current State Report Card.

York Preparatory Academy has adopted the following curriculum to help guide health instruction: Decisions For Health, Holt, Rinehart, and Wilson, 2007. Health Education Today, Health Education Today, Inc., 2019.