Protecting Kids in an Online World: Winter Coffee Talk on 2/19/19

Ms. Ashley Brown, York Preparatory Academy Guidance Counselor presenting, "Protecting our Kids in an Online World." In this presentation, she discussed questions like: How can cell phone access and social media affect children emotionally? What are parents and school staff seeing on a daily basis? What are practical ways we can make our students safer on their phones, on social media, and online? What resources are out there for parents?

Reaching Out- Discussing Childhood Depression, Anxiety and Suicide: Spring Coffee Talk on 5/02/19

Dr. Vanessa Harrington, Director of School Counseling at York Prep High School. In this presentation, Dr. Harrington addressed the important and relevant topic of "Reaching Out: Discussing Childhood Depression, Anxiety and Suicide." She covered ways to help your student through the stress and struggles of life and bring greater awareness of warning signs.

Youth Trends- Discussing E-Cigarettes, Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana & Opioids: Fall Coffee Talk 10/24/19

Abigail Steele, Prevention Specialist at Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill. Her presentation, “TRENDS” provides education on substances youth may be exposed to in our society. 

Family Resources on E-Cigarettes