1) Protecting Kids in an Online WorldWinter Coffee Talk on 2/19/19

Ms. Ashley Brown, York Preparatory Academy Guidance Counselor presenting, "Protecting our Kids in an Online World." In this presentation, she discussed questions like: How can cell phone access and social media affect children emotionally? What are parents and school staff seeing on a daily basis? What are practical ways we can make our students safer on their phones, on social media, and online? What resources are out there for parents?

2) Reaching Out- Discussing Childhood Depression, Anxiety and SuicideSpring Coffee Talk on 5/02/19

Dr. Vanessa Harrington, Director of School Counseling at York Prep High School. In this presentation, Dr. Harrington addressed the important and relevant topic of "Reaching Out: Discussing Childhood Depression, Anxiety and Suicide." She covered ways to help your student through the stress and struggles of life and bring greater awareness of warning signs.

3) Youth Trends- Discussing E-Cigarettes, Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana & OpioidsFall Coffee Talk 10/24/19

Abigail Steele, Prevention Specialist at Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill. Her presentation, “TRENDS” provides education on substances youth may be exposed to in our society. 

Family Resources on E-Cigarettes

4) The Connection Crisis- Fostering Authentic Connections in a Digital World: Winter Coffee Talk 2/20/20

Ms. Ashley Brown, York Prep Guidance Counselor will present, "The Connection Crisis- Fostering Authentic Connections in a Digital World." Ms. Brown will share information, tips and strategies to help children develop authentic connections with their family and peers and build resilience to tackle life's challenges.

Resilience Questionnaire

Presentation Powerpoint with Links