Health & Nursing

Contact: Chiquita Foster, Lead Nurse, 803-324-4400, ext. 4136

School Nurse Program

The school nurse staff functions individually as a member of the school site staff with responsibility for promotion of health & safety, facilitation of positive student development, and intervention with actual and potential health issues through active collaboration with school staff.

The school nurse staff works with community agencies to bring services to the students as needed. The nursing staff participates in school health team processes and safety team implementation. Daily responsibilities may include:

  • Assess students to determine the presence of acute or chronic health problem
  • Monitor and treat students with chronic health problems
  • Care for sick and injured students and staff
  • Assess and exclude students showing evidence of communicable disease
  • Administer medications/treatments when necessary
  • Provide counseling and education for pupils, families, and staff
  • Maintain student health records
  • Review and enforce state requirements for mandatory immunizations
  • Coordinate dental van operations
  • Conduct screening for hearing, vision, blood pressure, and scoliosis
  • Provide relevant information to staff including review of universal precautions and blood borne pathogens

Injuries or health concerns that occur outside of school should be treated at home or by your health care provider.