Welcome to York Prep High School, home of the Patriots!

York Preparatory Academy High School is a college-prep environment with 130 students per grade level. Focused on the individual student, York Prep's goal is that each student will graduate with the "knowledge, skills, character, and determination necessary to excel in their chosen post-secondary pursuits and in life."

Dual Enrollment at York Prep High School
At York Preparatory Academy, High School students have the opportunity to take Dual Enrollment classes at Winthrop University, York Technical College, or USC Lancaster. Classes are free or reduced in cost and allow students to receive college credits or take technical training during their high school career.

Student Testimonies:

  • Timara Barber, 2018/19 graduate: "Dual enrollment has definitely helped me get used to fast note taking and how to really write a college paper. All of my professors were different and taught in different ways. I feel more prepared for college and will be attending the University of South Carolina Beaufort in the fall."
  • Hannah Archer, 2019/20 Senior , "Dual Enrollment allows for a high school student to be put in a college setting. I went to USC Lancaster and had a great experience. The professors were good about communication. It's a good experience that every high school student should take advantage of."

In the 2018/19 school year, York Prep high school students earned 226 hours of college credit through Dual Enrollment. In the 2019/20 school year, 25% of York Prep's 11th and 12th grade students are participating in Dual Enrollment.

Scholars Academy at York Prep High School
York Preparatory Academy offers a program for our advanced high school students entering 9th grade called our Scholars Academy. For more information, visit the following LINK.

Advanced Placement at York Prep High School
York Prep was a named on the 2018 Advanced Placement District Honor Roll for our student participation and outcomes in Advanced Placement courses. STORY LINK

Advanced Placement courses are offered free to the students and are taught year-round to prepare students for their AP exam. Based on the student's score on their AP exam, students can earn college credits at York Prep starting as early as their freshman year.

For the 2019/20, York Preparatory Academy has enrolled 151 students (31% of the high school) in an Advanced Placement course. York Prep High School offers the following AP Courses for the 2019/20 school year: Biology, Calculus, Computer Science Principles, English, Human Geography, Psychology, and US History. 

2019/20 Students Enrolled In An AP Course By Grade

9th enrolled in AP = 31 (24%)

10th enrolled in AP = 48 (37%)

11th enrolled in AP = 53 (47%)

12th enrolled in AP = 19 (15%)

Job Shadowing, College Visits, and Internships at York Prep High School
York Prep offers our students opportunities throughout their high school experience to participate in job shadowing, college visits, and internship placements. York Prep also believes in the importance of soft skill development by teaching real-life skills such as resume writing, interview skills, budgets, and financial planning, loans and college debt, and much more. York Prep's end statement goal for all students is that they will, "possess the knowledge, skills, character, and determination necessary to excel in their chosen post-secondary pursuits and in life."

Please contact our Career Coordinator, Ashley Lang if you would be interested in presenting at York Preparatory Academy.