Elementary Literacy Night 2022

October 13th from 5:00-7:00 pm, York Prep Elementary Building

York Prep Literacy Night is back! At this event, students and families will have the opportunity to: interact with 4 authors, enjoy fun interactive literacy activities with our teachers, and visit our school book fair. Chappell's Food Truck and pizza will be available for purchase. We can't wait to see you there!

Pumpkin Book Character Contest: At Literacy Night on Thursday, October 13th from 5:00-7:00 pm, York Prep will have a Pumpkin Book Character Contest! This is a great family project to celebrate our love of reading. Check out more info below and feel free to email Ms. Coccia with questions. Information 

Meet Our Authors


Kristin Gibson

Book: Ordinary Monsters

She was excited about moving into her new house but soon learned there were monsters everywhere. She knew she must get rid of them but first she had to convince her parents they were real. Do you believe in monsters?


ordinary monsters

Deborah Cross

Co-Authors: Deborah Cross and Dorothy Smith

Book: Zippy Buzzy Bee Book

The authors, Deborah Cross and Dorothy Smith unite to remind us all that it is never too early to teach kindness.  After seeing children as young as 2 years old exhibit selfish behavior they realized that if we start sooner modeling kindness and teach them how easy it is to be polite, we create an atmosphere of harmony between us all.  

zippy buzzy bee


Jeryl Christmas

Book: The Alphabugs

Meet The Alphabugs! Andy, Brucey, Clarence, and the rest of the gang are gathering together to make up the alphabet and have some fun! One by one they enter and engage in various shenanigans, getting along and learning together. Join author Jeryl Christmas for a rhyming adventure of humor, education, and an all around good time with The Alphabugs.



John Ciardi

John Ciardi

(Read by Granddaughter, Ms. Watts Spivey)

I have the honor of being the granddaughter of an award winning poet. My grandfather, John Ciardi, started writing poems in the 1960’s to help my mother, Myra, learn how to read. He used grade level word lists to help him choose words he knew children would be able to read. Many children love his poems and they are found in many children’s anthologies, or books of poems. He loved to make poems fun and funny so they would be enjoyable to children. He thought the words in a poem should “dance.”


Monster's Den

Volunteer at the Book Fair

Elementary is looking for Book Fair volunteers throughout the week of October 10th. Please contact heather.coccia@yorkprepsc.org to complete the Secure Volunteer Application and sign up to volunteer at the book fair. 

book fair