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York Preparatory Academy is a public charter school, funded by the state, and does not charge tuition or fees. All eligible K5-12th grade students residing within the South Carolina are eligible to attend YPA. Students will be admitted without regard to race, religion, gender, creed, national origin, disability, ancestry, need for special education or itinerant services, or socioeconomic condition. Expelled students will not be admitted according to the policy of the SCPCSD.


The York Preparatory Academy lottery is conducted in February for the upcoming school year.   To be considered in the lottery, applications must be submitted beginning October 15 and received by YPA on or before 11:59 pm on February 15. For applications received by email, the receipt date and time will be the receipt date and time set forth on the email. For applications received by US Mail, the receipt date will be the postmark date. No applications received before October 15 or after February 15, will be eligible for the lottery.  

YPA will continue to take applications after the lottery occurs and throughout the year. These applications are date and time stamped and placed in the order they are received and will be placed at the end of any applicable waiting list. Once the school year has begun, individual building administrators may choose to fill openings based on space availability down to the classroom level. Such decisions will be made without consideration to the makeup of the students on the wait list; thus ensuring the decision to accept additional students is not influenced by the profile of students on the wait list. YPA only enrolls High School students the first 5 days of each semester (fall and spring). YPA does not offer mid-year enrollment for 12th grade students. 


Waiting lists DO NOT carry over from year-to-year, and are only valid for the school year in which the student has applied.  If a student is not accepted for the current school year, and remains on the waiting list, they will need to reapply for the following school year, whether it be during the lottery application period or after the lottery deadline, in order to be considered for acceptance for the following school year.

Questions about enrollment, tours and current openings, should be directed to Brooke Bruner, Enrollment Coordinator 803-324-4400 ext. 1227 or  


Applications may be completed online by clicking the link below for the appropriate year application, or you can download the hard copy application below and submit it via mail. Online applications will be automatically directed to the Enrollment Department. 

All applications must be received by February 15 to be eligible for the lottery.If you list siblings on the application, you must still submit an application for EACH child you wish to enroll at YPA. The applications will be received and processed by the Enrollment Coordinator. Applications may not be submitted prior to October 15 for the upcoming school year. Applications received after February 15 will be placed at the end of any applicable waiting list in the order in which they were received. 


The Lottery

If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level or building, a lottery process will be used to determine enrollment. There is no appeal process when a student is denied admission due to lottery results.

The next YPA Public Lottery will be held in February for the 2018-19 school year (the lottery for 2016-17 has already been held). 


Notification of Admission

Following the lottery in February 2017, YPA will email and/or mail admission packets no later than March 17, 2017, to notify parents of their child(ren)’s acceptance. At this time, YPA will also email and/or mail letters to notify parents of their child(ren)’s status on the waiting list. If a seat becomes available, the open seat will be offered to the next eligible student on the waiting list.

Priority Enrollment Status

Pursuant to SC Charter School law, YPA will afford priority enrollment status to siblings of a pupil currently enrolled and attending, children of charter school employees, and siblings of York Prep graduates.  Priority enrollment status does not guarantee any student admission to YPA, as acceptance remains based on space availability in each applicable grade.



Tours & Information Sessions

2018/19 Enrollment Application

Applications for the 2018 Enrollment Lottery will be accepted 10/15/17-2/15/18. Kindergarten applicants must be 5 on or before September 1, 2018 to apply. Applicants must live in South Carolina and provide proof of residency to attend.


Registration Link for Accepted Students