Q: How is it determined who goes to the school?

Enrollment is based on a public lottery. YPA provides education to students K5-12th grade who live in South Carolina regardless of their assigned school district. Priority enrollment may be granted to applicants who are children of staff members, who already have a sibling in attendance at YPA, or who have siblings that previously attended YPA for at least one full year.

Q: Do you have to live in Rock Hill to attend YPA?

No, as a state sponsored charter school YPA will accept any student who is eligible to attend a South Carolina public school.

Q: What is the age requirement  for Kindergarten students?

In order to be eligible to attend Kindergarten, students must be five on or before September 1st, according to the state of SC.

Q: Tell me more about the lottery process.

Enrollment for the lottery for the 2017-18 school year will open from October 15, 2016 through February 15, 2017. During that time parents will need to submit applications of enrollment, one for each child they wish to enroll in the school. In February, the lottery will be held to fill the slots in the school and establish a waiting list.

Q: When will I know a definite answer about my child or children being enrolled in York Preparatory Academy?

YPA will email/mail letters no later than March 19, 2017, to notify parents of their children’s status.

Q: Once I know my children are accepted, do I need to notify their old school?

An information packet will be sent with the acceptance letter to any newly accepted students. In that packet will be documents for you to sign that give YPA permission to request your child’s records be sent from their old school to YPA. Students transferring during the school year will be required to withdraw from their previous school prior to enrolling at YPA.

Q: Will I have to enter the lottery every year?

No.  Once you are accepted to the school through the lottery, you are guaranteed a spot in each subsequent grade.

Q: If one of my children gets in through the lottery does that guarantee a spot for all of my children?

If a child gets into the school through the lottery, all of their siblings are given priority enrollment status, but this does not necessarily guarantee them a spot. 

Q: If one of my children gets in this year, will their siblings have preference to avoid the lottery in future years?

Siblings of students enrolled at YPA will be granted priority enrollment status within the lottery.

Q: Is there a waiting list and how does it work? Will children be admitted mid-year or will they have to wait until the following year?

Each student that applies to YPA will be assigned a seat number within his or her grade through the lottery or subsequently on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the number of applicants for any grade exceeds the available seats within that grade, a waiting list will be created. If a seat becomes available during the school year, the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waiting list. At the end of the school year the waiting list will be terminated. Students from that list may reapply to YPA the following school year.

Q: Can I enroll my child after the Enrollment Application Deadline of February 15th?

Application received after 11:59 pm on February 15 will not be placed in the lottery. All students applying to YPA after February 15th will be eligible to enroll on a first come first serve basis. Upon receipt of each application, the receipt date and time will be clearly labeled on each application. For applications received by email, the receipt date and time will be the date and time set forth in the email.  For applications received by mail, the date will be the postmark date and the time will be 11:59 pm. If a conflict arises, the order in which the applications are opened will determine the time the application was received. Each applicant will then be assigned a seat number in the appropriate grade corresponding to the order in which the application was received. No student applying after February 15 will be eligible for Priority Enrollment Status.