Social Studies


Resources and Information!

 Class Info:

Front Row:


Students put in their first and last name. 

Miss Green's class code is: azg2ht

Miss Ross's class code is: x7vb99

Front row is differentiated per child and it works on reading and spelling!

All students have received their logins for Achieve 3000 and Pearson (the Social Studies) website. Students have homework with using Achieve and Pearson throughout the year. If you need me to give you the passwords and logins again please let me know!!



It's that time of year when the classroom needs to be replenished!

Please donate:

White copy paper

Expo markers


File folders




Helpful Hints

When your student receives graded work on Thursdays, please redo the needed work and return the next Tuesday. Only tests need to be signed and brought back. 

Students start each term with 100 points for homework. Every time students bring it in late, one point is lost. Homework is due Friday and Spelling packets are due Monday/Tuesday.