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*Our class will have MAP Reading test on Monday, May 1st and MAP Math on Wednesday, May 3rd. Our testing time will be 10:40-11:40 on these days. Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast to help them do their best on the tests.

*Scholastic orders are due 4/25. Our class code to order is Q6JL4.



Classroom Expectations


I believe that when children are provided with a clear understanding of what is expected, positive learning experiences can occur. Please talk to your child about the expectations listed below, as we are learning them in the first weeks of school. These are important guidelines that will help to ensure your child’s success at school!

  • Raise your hand to be recognized.
  • Listen carefully and follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Always do your best work quietly.
  • Show respect to all.
  • Move about safely and orderly.
  • Use your quiet voice in the classroom.
  • Walk quietly in the hallways.
  • Bring your homework folder to school daily.

Daily Folder


Homework is assigned each night of the week except Fridays. Your child’s classroom newsletter will come home in the homework folder on Mondays. It will list their homework for each evening as well as information we are covering and upcoming activities. There will also be a daily, rather than weekly, behavior record included in the homework folder. The behavior record should be signed/initialed each night acknowledging that you are aware of your child’s homework assignment and behavior. In a week or so, your child will be bringing books home nightly. In the meantime, please have them read a book of their choice for homework. 

Studies show that reading with your child boosts reading level and comprehension, not to mention confidence. Ask your child questions about the characters, setting and events. You’ll be glad you did. Reading and writing are a reciprocal process ~ the better you read, the better you write. It is important that your student reads nightly.

The homework assignments will act as a way to practice what we have learned at school each day. Your child should be able to complete it with a minimum amount of help. I would like for you to look over the homework assignments and make suggestions of error if the child needs to correct and also stress neatness. Please let me know if it is taking your child more than thirty minutes to complete homework assignments. We may need to make some adjustments if this is the case.


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