Tonight's Homework

  • 4/20/17

    All Classes:  No homework tonight.  

    I hope you did great on your test today!  

    South Carolina History
  • 4/19/17

    All Classes:  Finish your Quizlet test review if you did not finish in class today.  Study for the test tomorrow.  

    Note:  You are REALLY going to want to have your completed review tomorrow. 

    South Carolina History
  • 4/17/17

    All Classes:  Study for the Reconstruction test on Thursday.  

    South Carolina History
  • 4/7/17

    All Classes:  Have a good break! 

    South Carolina History
  • 4/4/17

    All Classes:  Study your Reconstruction notes and/or the Reconstruction Quizlet.  

    South Carolina History

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Grade Scale

8th Grade Grade Weights

Class Work = 15%

Quizzes & Class Activities = 35%

Tests & Projects = 50%




8th Grade Behavior Expectations - The Five P's

  1. Be Prompt 

  2. Be Prepared 

  3. Be Patient 

  4. Be Polite

  5. Be Productive