Welcome to AP Human Geography

Human Geography is the study of human activities on the planet.   Humans are all over the planet, and their activities can be creative, destructive, inspiring, horrific, beautiful, belligerent, compelling, and so much more.  By observing, recording, and discussing events that take place, we can more completely understand the concepts we are learning about in AP HuG.  By applying the concepts from AP HuG, we gain a much deeper perspective about the causes and effects of world happenings.  Ultimately, we gain a greater awareness of the world, and our place in it.  By deepening our understanding and expanding our awareness, we are able to make more informed, intelligent decisions, and live more satisfying lives.

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Email:  deborah.holford@yorkprepsc.org

Planning period:  1st block

Extra help:  Mornings from 7:30-8:10, Tuesday and Friday after school