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Independent Book Project

English III Honors

1st nine weeks:  American Autobiography/Biography written Pre-Civil War (1865).

  1. Must be approved by 1/12/17
  2. Suggested to purchase as opposed to library due to amount of time needed.
  3. Project due 3/15/17

2nd nine weeks: American Autobiography/Biography written Post-Civil War to Present.

  1. Must be approved by 3/22/17
  2. Project due 5/23/17

Project Guidelines: This serves as your rubric for this project.

  1. Written Component (30 points)
    1. Must follow all guidelines for an Academic Paper (10 points)
    2. 1 paragraph summary of each chapter (23 points)
  2. Physical Component (50 points)
    1. Must include all of the following in a form that can be hung on the wall. Be creative.  A poster, though minimally acceptable, is not in and of itself creative.  (10 points)
      1. Timeline (15 events) (15 points)
      2. Family information (5 points)
  • Major Accomplishments) (5 points)
  1. Notable Disappointment(s) ) (5 points)
  2. Lesson your historic figure learned) (5 points)
  3. Lesson you learned from your historic figure) (5 points)
  1. Presentation Component (20 points) No project will be graded without a presentation.  Don’t ask.  Every student must present no matter how nervous, scared, lightheaded or weepy.
    1. Must present in 1st person and teach the class about your character.
    2. Facts and details must be memorized (one 3/5 index card with no more than 25 words may be used.
  2. Extra Credit (up to 10 points each)
    1. Must dress as character head to toe – well, ankle. Historic shoes might be tough to acquire.   Putting a sign on yourself that says, “I am ____” will receive no credit.
    2. Create a dish to share with the class that was either mentioned in your book or historically accurate for your figure. You must be able to justify your choice historically or through text evidence.



Image result for syllabus

English III Honors Spring 2017



  1. Respect Others: be kind and respectful and non-disruptive
  2. Respect Me: be attentive, have your work done on time and do not disrupt my class
  3. Respect Yourself: do your best and always be prepared for class.


  1. 1st offense: Verbal warning.
  2. 2nd offense: Incident documented; parent contacted
  3. 3rd offense: Referral to administration
  4. 4. Severe disruptions result in student being sent immediately to administration.



YOU EARN YOUR GRADES. I do not give you the grades.  I promise to get grades entered in a timely fashion (usually within the week) and you promise to check PowerSchool ON YOUR OWN and keep up with your grades.



Late Work:

You have one week to turn in late work.

Semester Average:

1st 9 weeks:  40%

2nd 9 weeks:  40%

Final Exam:  20%




Homework, Classwork counts one time

Tests count two times

Projects count three times.     



Students can replace bad test grades with bonus book reading. Reading an approved extra novel can replace a grade with a 100. To get credit for a bonus book,  write a ½ page summary of each chapter.  This cannot be a book that you have read for required credit in another English class. A Bonus Book cannot replace a zero, project or journals.


Extra Credit Tuesdays: (Worth a project grade)

Once a month, I will be offering Extra Credit Tuesdays in order to expose the students to additional material that we do not have time to cover during the regular class period. This will involve staying after school to watch a film version of a novel, filling in a study guide and writing a short paper on the significance of the literature. 



We will write in our journals several times a week.  These will be collected on the last class day of the month.  Journals are graded on completion of the requirements.



Excessive absences will hamper your success in this class as we move VERY fast.  Enough said?  Be here, please.


Extra Help: Before school or after school by appointment.



Assignments will be announced in class, on the homework board and on Remind.



Cheating or plagiarism will result in a greatly reduced grade, a zero, and/or a referral, depending on the severity.



Students are NOT allowed to have cell phones /technological devices out for personal use.Personal computers can be used when research and writing are required, but cell phones are to be away and unseen unless directed by teacher.  Unlawful use of personal computer will require that students only use class Chromebooks.



Students in this class will be allowed  four "emergencies" to go to bathroom . If a student has a condition that requires more than 4 emergency trips, please provide the school nurse with your doctor’s note about the issue.



Do NOT use cell phones or other electronic devices or have them visible. Remain with your class and follow all teacher and school official instructions. Failure to do so may result in a referral.



School personnel will inform me confidentially before classes begin about any student's documented disabilities. However, please feel free to also let me know privately of any disability or special need you have at any time in this class


Independent Book Project:

Each nine weeks, students will be required to read a book on their own.

  • 1st Quarter: Independent Book must be written Pre-Civil War, set Pre-Civil War or a pre-Civil war biography/autobiography.
  • 2nd Quarter: Independent Book must be written Post-Civil War, set Post-Civil War or a Post-Civil War biography/autobiography.    



English III HONORS Overview


First Nine Weeks:  Pre-Civil War Literature (up to 1865)

*Independent Book: written Pre-Civil War, set Pre-Civil War, Pre-Civil War Non-fiction or a pre-Civil war biography/autobiography.

*Native American Literature

                                                *Early American Literature

                                                            *Main text: The Crucible

                                                *American Romanticism

                                                            Main text:  excerpts from Walden

                                                *American Realism:  part 1

                                                            Main text:  12 Years a Slave

Midterm Exam:  This will cumulative over the first nine weeks.                                        

Second Nine Weeks:  Post Civil War Literature (after 1865)

*Independent Book: written Post-Civil War, set Post-Civil War, Post-Civil War non-fiction or a Post-Civil War biography/autobiography.

*American Realism:  part 2

                                                *American Modernism

*Main Text: The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun                   

Final Exam:  This will be cumulative over the entire semester.












.English III Honors Syllabus Contract Signature Page, Spring 2017

Mrs. James

 Requirements for English IIIHonors:

3 ring binder used for English ONLY

Tab Dividers

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper


Class Wish List (If you can help provide any of these, I would appreciate it):


copy paper


hand sanitizer


We, Parent/Guardian and Student, have read the English III Honors course syllabus, classroom policies, procedures, supply lists and tentative course schedule, which will be in effect in this class during this semester. If we have any questions, we will let you know promptly.


Student Name:


_________________________________              ______________________________     

(Print Last Name, First Name)                             (Student Signature)


Parent Name:


__________________________________ ____________________________________

(Print Last Name, First Name)                             (Parent/Guardian Signature)


Parent e-mail address #1: ________________________________________________________


Parent e-mail address #2: ________________________________________________________


Cell Phone:  _________________________ (OK to text?) Yes/No _________


Home phone:________________________


Work Phone: ________________________


What is your preferred method of communication? ___________________


  How to fail Mrs. James’ class and repeat the class.


I know I’m adorable, but hey, do you love me enough to do it again?

  1. Always arrive late.

  2. Never slip into your desk quietly. Instead make a “big production” of entering the room by interrupting the class in session, dropping your books on the floor, etc.

  3. …better yet, don’t have your books with you.

  4. Never bring a pencil to class. Always borrow one and forget to give it back.  Making others responsible for providing your school supplies is a great idea!

  5. Never bring paper. Let other people spend their money on paper and you just keep borrowing from them.

  6. Use the paper you borrowed to write a note. After you finish, make a big deal out of passing – or better yet, throwing it across the room in order to disturb as many people as possible.

  7. Never, ever, do your homework. The teacher will admire your consistency.

  8. Lose your textbook the first few weeks of school so you will have an excuse for not reading your assignments.

  9. During class, doodle on your books in



  10. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible by being loud, starting arguments, making excuses, and being funny.

  1. Groan a lot.

  2. Say, “This is BORING!” loudly every five minutes or so, especially if the class is quiet.

  3. Ask, “Why do we have to do this stuff?” as often as possible.

  4. After the teacher says, “Turn to page 34,” say, “What page are we on?”

  5. When your group or partner is depending on your, show up unprepared – better yet, don’t show up at all.

  6. Turn in all your assignments incomplete.

  7. If you absolutely can’t talk in class, fall asleep instead of working on your assignment.

  8. When you get your test back with an “F,” shout, “This isn’t fair! The teacher hates me!”

  9. .Never show concern about your grade until the last day of the grading period. Then, ask the teacher for extra credit you can do to make up all the missing and failing assignments.

  1. If the teacher says, “No,” throw a fit.

  2. Tease the student that sits in front of you by banging the back of their chair or making strange noises.

  3. Tease the student that sits in front of you by taking their assignment, notebook or pencil. Remember, always keep an innocent look on your face.

  4. Stay up as late as possible so you will be sleepy in class.

  1. Always chew gum loudly and leave candy wrappers laying in the room for someone else to pick up.

  2. If you have a report to do, always copy it word for word from the internet.

  3. If you decide to do a little homework, make sure you dopy it from someone else.

  4. If you decide to do a little homework, make sure you don’t begin it until the block before it is due.

  5. Don’t take notes. If you followed items #4 and #5, this should not be a problem.