THURSDAY, May 11th

Student Union @ 6:00

CALL TIME 5:15 in Band Room - Students need to wear their navy polo

 2017 Spring Concert Program.docx 

SCBDA - All-State/Region Band






SCBDA - Concert Performance Assessment


Polo Shirt Payments can be made online


If you are unable to pay using this method, please refer to the Permission Slip for an alternative method.

Returning/Transfer Band Students (1 year experience)

You will not need your instruments on Monday, August 15th or Tuesday, August 16th.

You WILL need your instrument on Wednesday, August 17th  


New to Band?

- Unlike some schools, we allow students to begin band in the 7th or 8th grade that have no prior experience.

- Some of our best performers started late in the 7th or 8th grade.

- Hint: The easiest instruments to begin on are Clarinet, Saxophone and Trombone

- We will talk the first two days in what instrument you are interested in.

- There will be morning help/tutor session to help new band students get caught up.

- We will also pair all new band students with a student-mentor.


Band Room Procedures

1. Students are to come to class prepared; bring necessary items for instruction and learning (sticks, pads, instruments, music, reeds, valve oil, etc.)

2. Students are asked to enter the Student Union using the double doors furthest away from the Middle School.

3. Students are asked to use the restroom and get water while entering the Student Union BEFORE class.  Students will NOT be allowed to leave unless it is an emergency.


5. Students are given 4 minutes (6th Grade Brass/Percussion = 3 minutes) after the tardy bell to be in their seat with all materials ready for class.

6. Class begins with the "down beat" from the metronome.  Students not in their seats with their instruments in playing position will receive points off their daily participation grade. If a student is not prepared more than 3 times per week, the student will receive silent lunch.

7. If a student leaves their materials in the Middle School building, they will be required to return to the building to retrieve such items.  However, the student WILL receive a tardy.

8. If a student does not have their instrument (reeds, sticks, pads) they are to immediately complete the written assignment given.  (1. Select a magazine from the wall, 2. Select an article., 3. Write a brief summary of the article).  Students will be allowed to complete other work AFTER they complete this assignment.

9. For each day a student does not have his/her instrument in class, 10 points are removed from their Weekly Participation Grade (1 day = 90% Weekly Participation, 2 days = 80% Weekly Participation, etc.) Students who have instruments in the shop for repair will NOT be penalized, but will still need to complete any written work.

10. A student must present a note from their mother, school nurse, or doctor for them to be excused for playing that day.  If a note is present, the student will be excused for the day and not penalized.  However, that student will need to complete any written work given.

11. Students are expected to participate, make an effort, and remain engaged in the learning process.

12. During playing tests, students will sit quietly and respect whomever is currently playing; to wait patiently for his/her turn.  The students are encouraged to clap and cheer for ALL students who perform no matter their playing level or ability.

13. At the conclusion of class, each section will be dismissed one-at-a-time to pack up their instruments and prepare to be dismissed.  ALL INSTRUMENTS WILL BE RETURNED TO THEIR PREVIOUS AREAS OF STORAGE.  NO INSTRUMENT WILL BE LEFT ON THE FLOOR.  NO INSTRUMENT WILL BE LEFT UNLATCHED.

14. Students will be asked to scan their area to make sure no trash, music, paper or instruments are left out.

15. Students will be dismissed in an orderly fashion.

16. Students are to exit the building through the double doors in which they came unless they have PE, Performing Arts, or Spanish afterwards.