Ms. Roach's First Grade Monkey's  


Each month a student is chosen to be the classroom Terrific Kid.  I love this program because I am able to pick a student who demonstrates all the Character Traits that are taught at YPA.  This year I am planning on adding a picture to our classroom page of the student who is our TK and why I picked them to represent our classroom for the month.  Be on the look out for your student!   


Each week a student in the classroom who shoes exemplary behavior will be allowed to take home Curious George.  In his bag will be George, a coloring book, a movie, a Curious George book, and a journal.  Students are asked to take care of George for the week, write about their experience in the journal, take pictures to add to the classroom journal, and bring in 3 special items.  The student who takes George home on Monday will bring him back on Friday and share with the class their experience, pictures, writing in the journal, and their special items.  Parents will also write a letter explaining to the class why their child is special.  The parent letter is a secret, and I will read it to the class once the student is done presenting to their peers.  In the past two year the students have loved taking home George, and he has been on a ton of adventures.  We will start this activity on the second week of school.  


Our first student who was able to take George home this week is....

Mekiya Vinson

I am so proud of Mekiya and how well she is doing this year is 1st Grade!  Mekiya is showing great character by following the rules in the classroom and being a team player in all activities and lessons.  She is setting a great example for the other students.  Keep up the good work Mekiya.  Pictures to come!