English I Journals

 Pulitzer jewish woman police.docx  

Choose to be happy.docx  


Write a story about this man.docx  


Swimming Tiger.docx  

 Ad cigarettes twin towers.docx 

  Pulitzer Executioner.docx  

 Adults Forget.docx  

 Tell story It was less than a second.docx  


 Asking Permission.docx  

Sleeping.docx   Lie.docx  

 Best summer ever.docx  

Time Machine.docx 






pulitzer family in flood.docx  

Pulitzer Kiss.docx  

Teachers POV.docx  

Talking to myself.docx  

Alphabetic Advice.docx  

Buckle up Ad.docx 

 Castle or Treehouse.docx 

 Every day you make a choice.docx 



 Junk Food.docx  

Julian Smith reading a book.docx  

rewind or pause.docx  

Lazy Day.docx  

Modern Marvels.docx 

 tell story boy in mud.docx  

stranded in ocean.docx  

 swirl story.docx  

 zoo museum or library.docx  



 Best Friend.docx 

  survive a boring class.docx  

 Loose and Lose.docx 

  Pulitzer man with gun.docx


Best friend fictional character.docx 

 Best weekend ever Fridays.docx  

Friday Freewrite.docx  

January 21 - Squirrel Appreciation Day.docx  

Nov. 10th Sesame Street Day.docx  

October Pizza Month.docx  oct 13

Face your fear day.docx 

 October 6 Mad Hatter.docx  

Nov. 11 World Kindness Day.docx  

October 29 black cat day.docx  

Oct 31st Magic Day.docx 

Journal: Adults forget

Journal: Advertising Analysis: Buckle up Ad

Journal: Advertising Analysis: Twin Towers

Journal: Alphabetic Advice

Journal: Asking Permission

Journal: Best Friend


Required supplies

 One 3 ring binder

4 tab dividers

Pencils and paper to last the semester

Flash drive for presentations

Access to reliable printer


Classroom Wish List

Copy Paper

Tissues -- LOTS of tissues


Index Cards

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox wipes





Behavior Expectations

  Yep.  That just about covers it.


Academic Expectations


Required: Sign up for Remind.com

    Remind is a free, safe, and simple way for teachers to communicate with students and parents. Send updates, questions, and more to any device—students and parents can receive notifications by text message, on the app, on the web, and by email.

EVERY student is required to sign up at least one device for receiving reminders.    Most students sign up both themselves and a parent as an extra pair of eyes and accountability.

Please follow this link for instructions on how to sign up.


Achieve 3000

Achieve 3000

Click above to access the Achieve 3000 Website and Log-in to complete your homework.

You MUST log-in to Mrs. James' classroom to receive credit for your assignment.  

I do not have access to see your scores unless you log-in to my classroom.

This semester we will be working with Achieve 3000 to improve your reading decoding and comprehension.  This is measured by a score called a LEXILE score.  It determines your overall reading and comprehension level.  The goal is to find out what your current LEXILE is and to work to increase your LEXILE score.

 We will begin our class 3 days a week with this program and you are required to complete 3 assignments a week.  You will be given approximately 20 -30 minutes in class to complete the lesson.  If you do not complete the lesson in class, you will have to finish it for homework sometime during that week.   At the end of the week, I will be taking a cumulative score to be added to the grade book as a test grade.

Your goal is to reach a 75% or better on your first attempt with each lesson you complete. 

                If you reach a 75 or better on all three lessons, then you will receive a 100 for that week.

                If you reach a 75 or better on only two lessons, then you will receive a 70 for that week.

                If you reach a 75 or better on only one lesson , then you will receive a 40 for that week.

                If you do not reach a 75 or better on any lessons, then you will receive a 0 for that week.


As you can CLEARLY see, these test grades will quickly affect your overall average for English I.   You can accumulate “points” on Achieve that earn you virtual merit badges, but these mean nothing to your grade.  You are graded strictly on completing each lesson and achieving a 75% or better.

Each lesson contains a thought question and a stretch exercise.  You are required to complete these for your overall grade.   Please do not skip these exercises and please do not think you can just guess at the questions and not read the article.  Achieve 3000 has a behavioral component built in that will invalidate your scores if you are not reading each section.   If you skip the reading portion, the scores will not show up in the teacher’s score report and you will not get credit for the assignment. 

  How to fail Mrs. James’ class and repeat the class.

I know I’m adorable, but hey, do you love me enough to do it again?

  1. Always arrive late.

  2. Never slip into your desk quietly. Instead make a “big production” of entering the room by interrupting the class in session, dropping your books on the floor, etc.

  3. …better yet, don’t have your books with you.

  4. Never bring a pencil to class. Always borrow one and forget to give it back.  Making others responsible for providing your school supplies is a great idea!

  5. Never bring paper. Let other people spend their money on paper and you just keep borrowing from them.

  6. Use the paper you borrowed to write a note. After you finish, make a big deal out of passing – or better yet, throwing it across the room in order to disturb as many people as possible.

  7. Never, ever, do your homework. The teacher will admire your consistency.

  8. Lose your textbook the first few weeks of school so you will have an excuse for not reading your assignments.

  9. During class, doodle on your books in



  10. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible by being loud, starting arguments, making excuses, and being funny.

  1. Groan a lot.

  2. Say, “This is BORING!” loudly every five minutes or so, especially if the class is quiet.

  3. Ask, “Why do we have to do this stuff?” as often as possible.

  4. After the teacher says, “Turn to page 34,” say, “What page are we on?”

  5. When your group or partner is depending on your, show up unprepared – better yet, don’t show up at all.

  6. Turn in all your assignments incomplete.

  7. If you absolutely can’t talk in class, fall asleep instead of working on your assignment.

  8. When you get your test back with an “F,” shout, “This isn’t fair! The teacher hates me!”

  9. .Never show concern about your grade until the last day of the grading period. Then, ask the teacher for extra credit you can do to make up all the missing and failing assignments.

  1. If the teacher says, “No,” throw a fit.

  2. Tease the student that sits in front of you by banging the back of their chair or making strange noises.

  3. Tease the student that sits in front of you by taking their assignment, notebook or pencil. Remember, always keep an innocent look on your face.

  4. Stay up as late as possible so you will be sleepy in class.

  1. Always chew gum loudly and leave candy wrappers laying in the room for someone else to pick up.

  2. If you have a report to do, always copy it word for word from the internet.

  3. If you decide to do a little homework, make sure you dopy it from someone else.

  4. If you decide to do a little homework, make sure you don’t begin it until the block before it is due.

  5. Don’t take notes. If you followed items #4 and #5, this should not be a problem.