Classroom Expectations

Our classroom is going to be filled with super smart second graders so we have high expectations for everyone involved!

I want all of my students to know that when they enter the door each day they are in a safe and nurturing environment. I want them to feel as though they can come to me with any issue and we can work together to find the best solution. I also want students to know they can share the exciting things going on in their lives so we can celebrate together. Students are expected to come to school each day with homework and materials ready. They will be held responsible for their actions and decisions.

We will have many opportunities for parents to volunteer throughout the year. I know that many parents work and are unavailable to help during the day, so I will set up a sign up genius for items that we may need from time to time also.

Daily Take Home Binder

Students will have a binder that they will bring back and forth to school each day, with homework assignments and daily communications.  Each Monday I will send home a weekly newsletter so you may know what to expect during the week. This will include the information we are covering, as well as potential homework assignments, and upcoming activities.




The subjects will be filled in according to what our homework will be for the week. You can always count on your child to have some sort of Spelling homework to help practice their words. Language Arts will include reading for 20 minutes every night and requires your initials to allow me to know your student did their reading. Math will always go along with what we have learned in class together. As for Science and Social Studies, while there may not always be homework for these subjects, please ask your students what they learned daily in the subjects.


The homework assignments will act as a way to practice what we have learned at school each day. Your child should be able to complete it with a minimum amount of help. I would like for you to look over the homework assignments and make suggestions of error if the child needs to correct and also stress neatness. Please let me know if it is taking your child more than thirty minutes to complete homework assignments. We may need to make some adjustments if this is the case.

Educational Websites

IXL Learning



Fun Brain
Play games while practicing math and reading skills!

Math Playground


Puzzle Maker
Use this site to create word searches, crossword puzzles, and word scrambles with your spelling words!

Spell City
Practice your spelling words on this site with games and practice tests.

Parent Resources


Open House Packet

 Open House Parent Packet Manley 2016.docx 


Words Their Way

 words their way.docx 


South Carolina 2nd Grade Standards